We are co-owners of the mine and the sole distributor for Central and Eastern Europe for the following stones:

Creme de la Creme Angolan stones. The most recognizable and best known stone from Angola, mined in only 2 mines around the world. Especially recommended for countertops, monuments, mosaics, external and internal walls, fountains and swimming pools.

Granite which is a unique mixture of deep brown shades, gray and white crystal particles. Excellent material for countertops and floors both indoors and outdoors.

Our next main product, very often chosen for monuments, but also well suited as a material for kitchen countertops or tables.

another very rare Nero Angola variety, containing in its structure pieces of gold, excellent as an element of equipment for the most prestigious houses and apartments.

A fantastic variety of the very famous Nero Angola stone, containing silver pieces in its structure.

very popular, very desirable black African stone, perfect as an interior element, looks great on stairs, floor or as a kitchen countertop.

The crystalline structure and intense blue color make this stone especially recommended for finishing extraordinary, unique bathrooms.


The natural beauty inherent in Azul Imperador is displayed at its best with the translucent marble.

(Cohiba) stone, which is a kind of brown granite, perfect for application in bathrooms as a wall covering.